Call for Speakers is Closed

Don’t just join the annual gathering of digital innovation leaders, raise your hand to speak! A description of session tracks and example topics are provided below. Submissions are accepted through March 15, 2019. If you are a service provider, please refer to the conference sponsorship opportunities as it relates to speaking engagements.

Digital Innovation: Transforming customer engagement channels through mobile, social, etc. Examples include:

  • What did you expect when starting, what surprised you, what would you differently?
  • The business value realized by the transformation and how you balanced the competitive risks and the fraud risks
  • How fraud occurs differently in new channels and what different strategies need to be employed

Growth and Expansion: Internationalization or product expansion through existing engagement channels. Examples include:

  • A specific geographic focus: e.g., How Australia is different from the US with regard to customer expectations, payment methods, compliance requirements, fraud prevention
  • How you added revenue and risk by launching P2P gift card program, etc.

Emerging and Persistent Fraud Trends: Hear about new and old but effective fraud trends that fraud teams are facing and how they fight back. Examples include:

  • In a world of continually compromised data, does static data validation really matter?
  • Bot attacks for content scraping, card testing and credential attacks—who catches the hot potato?
  • Account takeover—the new frontier of fraud prevention

Next Steps
We will be reviewing and approving submissions as they come in. You will hear from a Kount representative once approved. Please note: submitting the form to speak does not guarantee a speaking engagement.